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Greenhouse plants

Plants, Soils & Climate

The department of Plants, Soils and Climate curricula emphasize understanding the physical, chemical and biological mechanisms that operate in the continuum of the soil, plants and the atmosphere; and how they affect management of a wide range of agricultural and natural systems.

The undergraduate teaching program facilitates the acquisition and application of knowledge, understanding and skills by students within their chosen field of study. The program also prepares students to develop lifelong learning skills, understand and appreciate diversity, be productive citizens of the world and be professionals in their vocations.

The department also provides training of undergraduates for graduate school and maintains a strong graduate program in biometeorology, plant science and soil science. The research that underlies the graduate program is conducted in biometeorology (micro- and meso-scale), crop biotechnology, crop ecology, crop physiology, crop science, horticulture (general and ornamental), plant breeding, soil microbiology, pedology, soil chemistry, soil physics, soil fertility, environmental soil and water science and arid landscaping.

A major effort is directed at extending research and teaching programs to all citizens of the state of Utah.

Learn About:

Plant Science

Plants provide food, fiber, and shelter for us all. Plant Science in the PSC department is diverse and exciting. Whether you are interested in conserving water through better utilization of native plants in landscapes; interested in saving wildlands by halting the invasion of weeds; or want to help feed the world by developing crops that produce more; Plants are where it's at!

Graduates of the plant science majors work in a wide range of careers including golf course management, crop consulting, nursery management, water conservation, and just about anything else you can imagine that involves plants.

Faculty in plant science teach a wide range of courses and work on varied research projects and extension programs. Undergraduates and graduates get involved at every level of teaching and research in plant science. The menu on the left lists some of the main teaching, research, and outreach efforts of the faculty in the PSC department. Each of the main areas list faculty members who are active in those areas. Explore the world of plants.