The demand for high quality food, the challenges of climate change, the use of ornamental plants to bring aesthetic qualities to urban living, the increasing importance of land-use planning, the efforts to control air, soil and water pollution, the increasing demands for water efficiency for landscaping, and increased demand for biotechnology in food and crop production make this an exciting time to begin a career in Plants, Soils, and Climate. Both the Majors and Minors provide students with opportunity to learn about many aspects of plants, soils, and climate in a rapidly changing world. Degree options offer foundations in biological and physical sciences, design, and hands-on experiences in laboratories, greenhouses, and the field link on the links below to learn more.

  Bachelors of Science (BS):
              Plants, Soils & Climate

Environmental Soil/               Water Science

Residential Landscape Design & Construction

Plant Science

Associates of Science (AAS)/Certificate

Ornamental Horticulture


Crop Biotechnology

Ornamental Horticulture


Climate Change & Energy


Soil Science


 PSC Courses